Integrated manufacturer of fluoropolymer
Fluoropolymer Expert

Various fluoropolymer Sheets, Tubes, Rods, Films, O-rings, etc. in various sizes are available.

Fluoropolymer/Engineering Plastics

Various processings such as cutting, welding, deposition, insert molding, and injection molding are available, as well as assembling works of semi-assembled and module assembling products. We are always available to support you with application development and joint development.


DUPRA™ is a perfluoro-seal for the next generation semiconductor devices, which is manufactured and provided based on the "extra clean sealing concept" in all processes from the material to the final packaging. It has a superior high/clean seal and heat resistance performances required to meet the needs for longer life span of your products.

we propose the best coating suitable to your applications.

Fluoro Coating can be found in various scenes of our modern life from daily home products to state-of-the-art technological fields. Dependending on the substrate (matrix), intent, and conditions, the coating type will be customized to meet your specific needs.

improved the quality of the semiconductor production.
Factory Automation

A high speed/high accuracy telescopic robot "Speed and Fine" covering LED 50mm, 300mm, and 450mm for wafer transfer and a linear track are combined into as a track robot and it is adopted in our high-throughput multilayer chamber device. Low-pass-line-long-stroke robots and highly accurate pre-aligner are also available for photolithography machines and inspection devices.

After service

Today's business fields of semiconductors and electronic devices need quicker production of more products. Permanently stable performances are required for the production equipment to meet this need. Focusing on the operation stability of our devices, we make best efforts to provide pre-maintenance services and stable supply of parts.

Dryer Peripheral Equipment Functional Components

Our company has involved for years in Semiconductor business field and has been producing various types of equipment to meet our customer's needs. We provide full lines of cleaning equipment, dryers, and other peripheral equipment. Other useful functional components produced by fluoropolymer processing technologies are also available.

Fluoropolymer to satisfy Your Next Need

TOHO KASEI is the Japan's only integrated manufacturer that performs in-house all the processes of molding and processing of fluoropolymer and designing and developing semiconductor devices. We fully combine and use our original technologies to continuously provide state-of-the-art technologies for "Your Next Need" that you have not yet aware of.

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Creativity for your products with our fluoropolymer materials, processing, and end products

Materials---Various fluoropolymer Sheets, Tubes, Rods, Films, etc. in various sizes are available.
Processing---Cutting, welding, deposition, Insert molding, and injection molding are available, as well as manufacturing final products.

High quality coating produced by the prominent expertness and the production system

From daily use products to state-of-the-art technological fields, we provide the optimum coating suitable to user applications by fully utilizing each characteristic of Fluoropolymers. The coating will be customized to meet your specific needs.

We provide full supports for your cleaning processes that are indispensable for the production of semiconductor, MEMS, LED, and solar battery.

Cleanness level required for the most up-to-date devices challenging for semiconductor is almost infinity. The stability of the device operation is also severely required in these processes where time fighting operation is involved. You can find the answers to such severe demands in our products and services that we are providing. We, TOHO KASEI, assure to provide full supports to our customers in the field of semiconductor, MEMS, LED, and solar battery with our ensured answers.

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