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[+] Sea DetailsCorporate Overview

Corporate Name TOHO KASEI Co., Ltd.
Establishment November 1, 1956
Representative Yoshihiko Misugi
Business Items Manufacture ⁄ distribution of Fluoropolymer moldings
Manufacture ⁄ distribution of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Affiliated Companies Daikin Industries, Ltd.
Major Customers
(in alphabetical order)
  • Canon Inc.
  • KYOCERA Corporation
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Seiko Epson Corporation
  • Sumitomo Corporation
  • Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Ricoh Company Ltd.
  • Yamaha Corporation

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[+] Sea DetailsLocations

Headquarters ⁄ Nara Plant 6-2, Imago-cho, Yamatokoriyama city, Nara pref.639-1031, Japan [MAP]
   Phone: +81-743-59-2361 (main switchboard)
   FAX: +81-743-59-2350

○ Advanced Resin Products Division
  Sales Group
      Phone: +81-743-59-2421(Direct telephone line)
      Fax: +81-743-59-2422
  Purchasing Group
      Phone: +81-743-59-2363(Direct telephone line)
      Fax: +81-743-59-2351
  Technical Development Group
      Phone: +81-743-59-2014(Direct telephone line)
      Fax: +81-743-59-2508

○ Wet Process Division
   Phone: +81-743-59-2362(Direct telephone line)
   Fax: +81-743-59-8789
Tokyo Branch 1-2-6, nisshin-chou, fuchu city, Tokyo, 183-0036, Japan [MAP]
   Phone: +81-42-340-3170 (main switchboard)
   Fax: +81-42-340-3169

○ Advanced Resin Products Division
  Sales Group
      Phone: +81-42-340-3166(Direct telephone line)
      Fax: +81-42-340-3169

○ Wet Process Division
  Sales & Technical Service Group
      Phone: +81-42-340-3167(Direct telephone line)
      Fax: +81-42-340-3169
  Customer Service Group(East Japan Service Center)
      Phone: +81-42-340-3072(Direct telephone line)
      Fax: +81-42-340-3073
Osaka Hirano Plant 4-4-15, Kamiminami, Hirano-ku, Osaka city, 547-0003, Japan
Yodogawa Substation In Daikin Yodogawa-Plant, Nishihitotsuya, Settsu City, Osaka, 566-8585, Japan
Hiroshima Substation No.206, 2-6-5, Saijochuo, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima, 739-0025, Japan
Taiwan Branch 1F.,No.15,Lane 6,Jinshan 6th St.,East Disit.,Hsinchu City 30080,Taiwan(R.O.C)
Phone: +886-3-666-9066
FAX: +886-3-666-9076

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[+] Sea DetailsOur Businesses

Fluoropolymer ⁄ Engineering Plastics Materials ⁄ Processings

Creativity for your products with our fluoropolymer materials, processing, and end products

Materials --- Various fluoropolymer Sheets, Tubes, Rods, Films, etc. in various sizes are available.
Processing --- Cutting, welding, deposition, Insert molding, and injection molding are available, as well as manufacturing final products.
Fluoropolymer ⁄ Engineering Plastics Coating

High quality coating produced by the prominent expertness and the production system

From daily use products to state-of-the-art technological fields, we provide the optimum coating suitable to user applications by fully utilizing each characteristic of Fluoropolymers. The coating will be customized to meet your specific needs.
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

We provide full supports for your cleaning processes that are indispensable for the production of semiconductor, MEMS, LED, and solar battery.

Cleanness level required for the most up-to-date devices challenging for semiconductor is almost infinity. The stability of the device operation is also severely required in these processes where time fighting operation is involved. You can find the answers to such severe demands in our products and services that we are providing. We, TOHO KASEI, assure to provide full supports to our customers in the field of semiconductor, MEMS, LED, and solar battery with our ensured answers.

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[+] Sea DetailsCorporate History

1956 Establishment of TOHO KASEI Co., Ltd.; Capital: ¥1, 000, 000
1958 Import of fluoropolymer-dedicated extruding machine; Technical guidance provided by Daikin Industries, Ltd.
1960 Ready for fluoro coating onto chemical equipment, manufacturing various equipment component by molding and cutting, manufacturing pipes by extrusion molding, as a fluoropolymer-dedicated plant. Accordingly, we put great emphasis on developing a variety of devices as our unique products for our future strategies.
At present, we enjoy high reputation as a manufacturer of equipment for semiconductors (pretreatment equipment and chemical treatment equipment).
1965 Increase in capital to ¥4, 000, 000
1966 New establishment of Second Plant (Coating)
1968 New establishment of Third Plant (provided with Clean Room)
(Electronic Device Division) Manufacturing of equipment for semiconductors and others shifted into high gear.
Increase in capital to ¥6, 000, 000
1970 Increase in capital to ¥15, 000, 000
1973 Increase in capital to ¥30, 000, 000
1976 Establishment of Tokyo Office
1978 New establishment of Kamikita Plant
1986 (1) Relocation of Molding Division and Electronic Device Division with the new establishment of Nara Plant
Second Plant renamed as Kamiminami Plant
(2) Launch of sheet-lining
1988 Headquarters and Kamiminami Plant consolidated into Nara Plant.
Kamikita Plant renamed as Osaka Plant
1989 Launch of laminating
1996 New establishment of Osaka Hirano Plant
1998 Increase in capital to ¥66, 000, 000
2001 Launch of manufacturing lining sheet; Introduction of rotational-lining
2002 Obtained ISO14001 certification for all of our business sites.
2003 Osaka Hirano Plant obtained ISO9001 certification for lamination work.
2004 Shifted to the ISO14001 certification consolidated as Daikin Group
2005 Establishment of Osaka Office
2006 We obtained ISO9001 certification for all of our business sites.
2008 Relocation of Tokyo Office for expansion
2010 Introduction of clean coating facility
Establishment of East Japan Service Center
Establishment of Taiwan Branch
2011 Osaka Plant consolidated into Nara Headquarters Plant.

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